Final Piece

Posted in University Year 2 on December 15, 2009 by roskojenko

This is my final piece…


Evaluation of 212MC

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For my final piece i decided to do a google map, i wanted to show a show reel of pictures showing the past and present of Keresley road which is in the area i live in cause the area has a lot of history and i wanted to show how it looked fifty or so years ago to its current state today. Like most projects problems arose i could not find enough enough photographic evidence of the past so i had to re think my idea. I chose to stick with my idea but changed it some what by making the journey from my house to the city centre and then showing stills of the past and present as their is so much photographic evidence of the past i decided to also add a bit more by showing possible future projects of Coventry i thought this would give more of contrast, as well as still pictures i put together a short still image video to show the past, present and the future.

Overall i know i could have done better if i had gave myself more time and applied myself in a more professional manner, but like they say you live and learn.

Google Sketch

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At the start of the year i downloaded Google Sketch. It allows 3D designers to create city scapes, houses, cars etc, and the user can upload their modles onto google earth maps.

 first attempt

its not great but it shows just what the program is capable of, you just need to have a play round with it and with youtube tutorials it helps to get slightly more confident with it.

Perception of interaction

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Technology is eroding away personal interaction, people no longer communicate they way they did for example they text one another they dont talk eroding away the spoken language and the written word consequently, even e mailing has pretty much replaced writing letters, the range of vocabulary has decreased and even spelling standards have declined and too a step back. There is even evidence to suggest that children now spell as they text, this in turn will result in literacy standards decling in schools, so the question remaining is are we losing our identities within technology?


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After showing my piece to fellow group members and  seeing their initial reaction i knew i needed a lot of tinkering to my video. One of the many changes i know has to be made is the sound i know using a remix of singer Adele’s song hometown was not the best of choices but it was sufficient enough for my practice piece,but after talking to people it was recommended to me to try using echos and sounds of space to reflect the space where my photos were taken,i also believe if i intend to use images still or moving then i must be more creative.I now plan to carry brain storming ideas and possible realistic thoughts in which I could create interactively, with the help of research im hoping for a successful and strong interactive piece.

212 MC Interactive Media

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In my second year of university for the first week back we were set a simple task,the task we were set was to set out from a starting point and walk 1km in a pre thought direction away from the starting point. At each 100m interval including the starting and end point we were asked to record two images which could be either still or moving on available mobile phones or digital cameras the choice was entirely ours. The images we take could be from either eye height,ground, looking up or down the choice is ours,we dont need to walk in a staraight line as long as we are heading roughly in a alloted direction,and while we are walking we may want to pick up various small objects that may have been discarded,tickets,wrappers etc or take or just take images of them which i am and would rather do. In total i should have twenty plus images plus some of any discarded objects, once this is done i am to assemble the images in the order they were taken with any discarded objects captured along the way,which in my case will be images of them. Once this is done i am to go on a computer and organise these images into a short one ninute narrative of the walk. Then i must impliment a soundtrack to accompany the images wheter it be sounds from the surrounding enviroment from which the images were captured or just simply use a song that i might think will bring out the atmosphere of the space,does it echo,is it quiet,noisy what sounds are prominent,what are background?

Due to conversion problems on the computer i was unable to add my 1 minute video to my you tube account or to this blog,for the future i need to get more computer literate especially for my final piece.

Final Artefact

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When i handed my final artefact in for 112mc Convergant Media module, i am resonabably happy that i met the brief requirements assigned to us. Which were to produce a photo set, website, flash slideshow and converge them all as one, which at first i felt lacking in confidence as im not exactly a whizz with computers and definately had very little experience with most of the software we were told to use, and to top it off i missed a couple of workshops as well which was my own fault, so i asked fellow students for information on those workshops that i missed and eventuallly managed to get an idea of the requirements of the majority of the skills needed to produce my website, and in the end get it to a standard i was fairly happy with.